Rumor has it that Apple ran aground with Hewlett-Packard R&D company Siri

2018-11-27 16:02:40

According to a report on August 14, Beijing time, according to foreign media MacRumors, people familiar with the matter said that Apple and IBM's joint venture into the corporate market has made competitors feel a huge threat. But before joining IBM, Apple had talked to HP about developing a "corporate Siri" mobile search product.

Rumor has it that Apple ran aground with HP research and development company Siri(image from btnet)

The source said Apple had contacted HP to discuss how to integrate Siri search services into its products, allowing employees to access financial data, product inventory and other information through their devices. However, the involvement of IBM led to the final suspension of the cooperation project between Apple and HP. In fact, in addition to negotiating with Apple, HP also talked about the possibility of introducing related technologies on Android devices, such as the launch of the corporate version of Google Now.

While Google has yet to deploy search capabilities for corporate data and software, as Apple unites IBM, the company will rethink the importance of the corporate market and weaken the iPhone's dominance in the business customer market by entering the field. You know, Android's share of the corporate market is much lower than iOS, and working with an experienced company like HP is definitely the right choice.

In July, Apple and IBM announced an exclusive partnership to transform the enterprise mobile market through a new category of business applications that would bring IBM's big data and analysis capabilities to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

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