Artificial intelligence, wind, emotional robots, everyone's expected.

2018-11-27 15:55:15

Recently, Xi Jinping "reviewed" a number of artificial intelligence robots at the China University of Science and Technology, and the world's first emotional social robot "Little White" developed by Gowild Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was adorable and eye-catching.
It is reported that the developers of the "reviewed" artificial intelligence robots include companies such as HKUST, Gowild Smart Technology, Youbi, Yunshan, Ninebot, Kangli, and Luo Youlan. After understanding the relevant artificial intelligence technology developed by these artificial intelligence robots, Xi gave full credit to the technique. As early as last year, Xi Da and Li Keqiang sent a letter of congratulations to the opening of the World Robot Conference. Why are national leaders attending Robo-related events so frequently?

Artificial intelligence wind mouth hit China curve overtaking opportunity

During the two sessions, artificial intelligence and unmanned driving became hot topics, benefiting from the policy momentum and industrial development needs. In 2015 alone, the number of institutions investing in artificial intelligence in China has reached 48, and it is expected that the market size of artificial intelligence in China will reach 9.1 billion yuan in 2020. yuan.

Discussions on the commercial applications of artificial intelligence are also gaining attention at the Global Mobile Internet Conference. In this regard, the "AI +" represented by "Little Boy" will answer this question well.

Since the "Gongzi Xiaobai" announced the launch of the online launch in Beijing, the first batch of 1,000 pre-sale units in Jingdong were sold out by netizens in just over three days, and the monthly sales volume reached more than 2,000 units, creating a robot industry. The best pre-sale record. In addition, "Gongzi Xiaobai" was also evaluated by young consumer groups as "personality, fashion, feeling" and affordable fashion fashion products. As early as 2015, it received 10 million pre-A financing, with an valuation of 130 million. Billions, 2 months triple, Repeatedly refreshing the funding speed of artificial intelligence, "son of white" unique way to focus on the precise positioning of the young market was proved to be the first victory. This shows that the market has greatly recognized the emotional robots represented by Gongzi Xiaobai. At the same time, it has also attracted the attention of more investment agencies. Gongzi Xiaobai has also become a rookie in the industry.

"Gongzi Xiaobai" leads the Internet + enclosure movement to grasp AI + mental competition

Today, the Internet + enclosure competition is rapidly evolving into mental competition, evolving rapidly from "Internet +" to "AI +". Moreover, "AI +" will become a major trend and will be applied and developed in many aspects such as social networking, work, and education, such as "AI + finance, security" and "AI + driverless, education". "AI + sports, medical care", etc., the entire society set off a wave of artificial intelligence applications, restructuring business models and competition rules.

From the development of "artificial intelligence" to "AI +", Gongzi Xiaobai officially went online. Artificial intelligence will no longer be just a scene in the movie, but as the most cutting-edge and basic technology, it is promoting the development and transformation of various fields. As the technological cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is expected to be China's latest round of technological innovation, and it is likely to become a turning point in China.

Son Xiao Bai smart and exciting young market unique way

The emotional robot "Little White" developed by Gowild Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart and petite design that is loved by young people. Its development has a strong knowledge map and data analysis ability with the belief of "returning to human nature, returning emotions, and reshaping connections." It is not only the user's silly housekeeper, but also the user's life assistant. The longer you get along with the user, the more you understand the user.

It is reported that "Gongzi Xiaobai" second-generation emotional social robot son Xiaobai[youth version] will be officially launched on May 18. Not only has it added fashion and interest to the first generation of products, but the concept of "pocket version" will also make it the best playmate for young people. At the same time, the second-generation version will move toward pan-entertainment, launch a number of star IP products, create a new pattern of AI + pan-entertainment, let people "budding", look forward to full.

Artificial intelligence robots are full of emotions, social robots are everywhere.

The robot "Jibo" developed from Indiegogo's $2.2 million crowdfunding, the robot "Pepper" enrolled in Japanese high schools, and the robot "Robby" developed by Troll, Then go to the "Alpha Go", an artificial intelligence robot "Alpha Go" with South Korean Go player Li Shishi, and then go to the robot Tay, an artificial intelligence chat robot developed by Microsoft ... There are many kinds of robot functions, but the development direction is homogenous. Serious, Most of them lack perception in technology, are not smart enough, understand feelings, and "pass human nature."

Some people say that the more developed social networks, the more lonely people. As hardware and software become more and more powerful and intelligent, some of the unique emotional needs of humans are amplified. It is imperative to create consumption-level, more intelligent, emotional and social robots to fill market gaps and meet human needs.

Therefore, the world's first emotional social robot developed by Gowild Smart Technology Co., Ltd., "Little White," Meng Li, took the lead and took the lead.

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